4 Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

4 Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

Water is one of the most destructive forces that can cause significant damage to a home or business. That being said, water damage to residential and commercial structures can occur in any number of ways, be it from a slow water leak in the crawlspace to a broken water pipe, fire suppression, or flooding. If water is not extracted quickly from your property, it can lead to serious and costly long-term problems. Not only will the water damage your belongings and cause structural damage, but it can also lead to health hazards caused by dangerous mold growth.

That's why it's important to identify water damage as soon as possible and call a professional restoration company in Las Vegas like Thistle DKI™ for assistance. Today, we'll explore four common signs warning you that you need water damage restoration services. Keep reading to learn more, and contact our 24/7 emergency response team for professional mitigation services you can count on.

Discolored ceiling caused by water damage

Obvious Discoloration

If you see water stains on your ceilings, walls, or floors, it's a pretty clear indication that water has infiltrated your property. These water stains are usually brown or yellow in color and can range in size from small spots to large areas spanning the entire length of a ceiling, wall, or floor. If you see water staining, it's important to call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible so they can assess the damage and begin the extraction and drying process.

Mold growth caused by water damage

Strange Odors

Another common sign of water damage is strange odors coming from the affected area. This is usually caused by mold or mildew growth, which can occur when water is left standing for too long. If you notice musty or earthy smells coming from any area of your home or business, you’ll want to call a water damage restoration company right away. An experienced water mitigation team like ours can thoroughly inspect your home or business and determine where the water is coming from — and where it has spread — to completely remove it and begin the restoration process.

Water underneath hardwood floors

Warped Floors

If you have hardwood floors, water damage can cause them to warp and cup. This is because water expands when it soaks into wood, causing the fibers to swell up and eventually distort the shape of the flooring. While hardwood floors are the most susceptible to water damage, other types of flooring like laminate, vinyl, and linoleum are also at risk of swelling and warping due to excessive moisture and standing water. This is because the water can get underneath the top layers of the flooring into the subflooring, which may cause the floor to distort.

Peeling paint from water damage

Peeling or Bubbling Walls

Another common sign of water damage is peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper. This is usually caused by water seeping into the walls, which causes the paint or wallpaper to lift away from the surface. The water could be entering the walls through even the smallest leak and, if left untreated, the excess moisture will almost certainly cause dangerous mold to take root and spread. If you notice peeling or bubbling on your walls, don’t pull the peeling material away, and definitely don’t pop the bubbles. Instead, contact a professional to assess the damage and devise a plan to safely remove the water and repair the damage.

If you've noticed any of these four signs in your home or business, it's important to call a water damage restoration company like Thistle DKI™ as soon as possible. Our professionals are here to help you 24/7, and we will thoroughly extract the water, repair the damage, and ensure all moisture is removed through our dehumidification process.

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