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Exclusive Home Design Services

After a flood, fire, or mold remediation, your Las Vegas home could use some love to restore it to its former glory — or look even better than before. Thistle DKI is proud to offer our exclusive Nobility Design Center to help you renovate your recently remediated home. These home repair services are all-inclusive, so you’ll find all of the materials you need to redesign your home in one convenient location. Contact us today for more information about our process and services.

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Why work with Nobility Design Center?

  • We treat our clients like royalty

  • No minimum or maximum project size

  • We provide all of the products, materials and design selections you need

  • Dedicated design and sales representative from start to finish of project

Customer Service Unlike Any Other

When you work with Nobility Design Center for your home repair project, not only do you have an extensive selection of products to choose from for any part of your home, but you’ll also receive customer service that’s unlike any other.

We understand that the recent flood, fire, or mold outbreak in your home has left you feeling vulnerable and powerless. We’re here to help you take back control and treat you like the royalty you are with our home repair services. Our goal is to make sure each client feels understood, excited about their new renovations, and like they’ve found the best solution for their Las Vegas home after unfortunate circumstances.

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Assistance for Any Home Repair Project

Whether you’re renovating a powder room or your entire home after environmental remediation, our team at Nobility Design Center is here to help you choose the best materials, products, and designs.

We assist with selecting flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and whatever else you need for your project — no matter how big or small it is. Our team is here to make sure your one room, multiple rooms, or entire home looks and feels the way you want it to after the design process.

Extensive Product and Material Selection

Unlike other general contractors who offer a limited number of products to choose from, Nobility Design Center offers everything you need to complete your renovation project. Instead of going from vendor to vendor, hoping that your selections will look good when they all come together, our inventory of products and materials allows you to pick everything out from one place. This allows you to better visualize what the finished room will look like, and help ensure that the colors, textures, and materials you choose all complement each other.

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Dedicated Service Representative

As you go through your home renovation project, a member of the Nobility Design Center will be your dedicated representative throughout the entire process. They’ll be able to help you make design decisions that suit your taste and your budget. They’ll also be able to educate you on different materials, products, and even design trends so that you can make an informed decision that increases the overall value of your home.

Not only will your dedicated representative provide you with all the information and assistance you need throughout the design process, but they will also be with you from start to finish of your project. This allows for a more streamlined and consistent experience, eliminating unnecessary stress or potential miscommunication.

Get Started with Nobility Today

After your home remediation with Thistle DKI, get started with Nobility Design Center to take advantage of our renovation resources. We provide all of the home repair services you need to turn a house damaged by the elements back into a home that you love. Contact us today.



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