Commonly Overlooked Places to Find Mold in Your Home


Where to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

If you have noticed a stale smell around your home or your allergies have begun to act up, it's likely that there is mold hiding in your home. If you suspect the same but are having a hard time locating the culprit, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada has a post which can help. Below are some of the top places that you are likely to find mold. If you are struggling to locate mold which you are sure you have in your home, check out these places first.

  • Air conditioning units
    • If you have a separately installed air-conditioning unit, then this is the first place to look, both inside and out. Dripping and pooling water along with any shade that your house is providing make the perfect environment for mold growth.
  • Carpeting
    • Do you remember spilling liquid on your carpet which may have been left long enough to sink into its fibers before you cleaned it up? Mold loves to grow at the base of carpets and rugs. If you can, lift up your rugs and carpet to check for mold growing underneath.
  • Your basement
    • Even more prevalent if you don't occupy the space often, basements have the very real potential to house mold without a homeowner knowing until it's out of hand.
  • Attic
    • The biggest concern in your attic is leaking water which could soak into either your ceiling or any stored boxes you have in your attic.
  • Shower curtain
    • If your shower curtain has a design printed on it, then it can hide mold more than a regular clear shower curtain. Take yours down and give it a proper inspection. If your bathroom doesn't receive sufficient ventilation, mold can quickly grow.
  • Inside walls
    • If the space in your walls is used for plumbing, then there is the potential for mold to grow. Mold inside your wall can be hard to gauge. If you suspect the smell is coming from inside your walls, speak with a professional.

Mold Removal and Property Restoration in Las Vegas

Mold removal isn't always an easy job. When the time comes to clear mold from your home, speak with an expert. Call Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada at 1 702 871 8462 and ask about mold removal services and property restoration in Las Vegas.