Four Of The Most Advanced Techniques Used In The Fire Restoration Process

Four Of The Most Advanced Techniques Used In The Fire Restoration Process

Fire and water damages are two disasters that can change your life in an instant, leaving you with the jarring task of restoration. Thistle DKI, a fire and water damage restoration company based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, knows the importance of an effective restoration process to get your life back on track. As an expert in fire restoration, Thistle DKI implements advanced techniques during the restoration process. Here are the four most advanced techniques used in the fire restoration process we use.

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Detailed Inspection

A comprehensive inspection is the first step in the restoration process. Thistle DKI's experienced technicians will examine your property to determine the extent of the damage caused by the fire. The inspection includes identifying smoke, soot, and water damage places in their focus. An assessment report will be provided to guide the restoration process accurately.

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Once the water damage and fire damage restoration assessment is complete, Thistle DKI employs a high-powered dehumidification process to reduce moisture levels. High-powered equipment is used to dry all affected areas properly to mitigate the risk of mold growth. This process is crucial; if moisture is neglected, it can cause structural damage, health hazards, and unpleasant odors.

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Odor Removal

Following the fire, the smoke lingers in the air and on surfaces, leaving unpleasant odors. Thistle DKI uses advanced technology to eliminate such odors. Once the source of the odor is identified, their professionals will remove the odor-causing contaminant. An air purification system is used to sanitize the air.

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Repair & Renovation

The last step in the Thistle DKI fire restoration process is to replace or repair any damaged materials. Professionals ensure that the materials used in the restoration match the existing design to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home/office. Our dedicated team is trained to effectively clean and restore every room or space, so it looks new.

Fire damage restoration can be stressful and challenging, but not with Thistle DKI. Advanced technology and professional expertise from Thistle DKI in North Las Vegas, Nevada, make the fire restoration process more straightforward and faster. Contact Thistle DKI to assist in the restoration of your property, whether it's water damage repair, fire damage restoration, or any other issues. Don't let the challenges consume you; let us bring you the solution you deserve.

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