Guide to Use a Fire Extinguisher Correctly


In a previous post, you learned all about how to maintain your fire extinguisher. However, do you actually know how to use it? Yes, having one and keeping it proper condition is fine and all, but that alone won't help you in the event of a fire. To learn how to use yours correctly, read below!

How to Use a Fire ExtinguisherLearn About It

There are different types of fire extinguishers, and while they're all meant to do the same thing, there may be certain differences among them. To employ yours correctly, get to know it: find out about its parts, any restrictions it has, how much fire it can suppress, etc.

Think Before You Act

Before you grab your fire extinguisher, you need to quickly evaluate the situation. In some cases (e.g. if you feel unsure, if the fire is too big or if it's expanding fast), it will be much smarter to evacuate the property and call 911.

Employ the Fire Extinguisher Correctly

If the fire is something you can tackle on your own, you must:

  • Stand up straight and at the appropriate distance from the fire (not too close or far away).
  • Remove the pin from the extinguisher.
  • Take the hose firmly and aim it at the base of the fire.
  • Gently press on the lever to discharge the product.
  • Slowly sway the hose from one side to the other to cover the flames entirely.
  • Once the fire is out, wait for a few minutes in case it reignites.

Take Care of the Aftermath

Now that the fire is out, it's time to take care of the aftermath. First of all, ventilate the room to clear out the smoke. Then, refill the extinguisher and put it back in its place, so it's there, ready to be used, in case it's needed again. If needed, call a property restoration company to take care of the damage done.

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