How Smart Devices and a Smart Home Can Prevent Damage in Your Home


Smart Devices and Home Protection

Let’s face it, there have been too many times to remember where we have all left the house and wondered if we left something on. Was it the hair straightener which you were using on your bed? Was it a light in the bathroom? How about the slow cooker, did you leave that on? And while the majority of the time we return home to find that nothing is wrong, there have definitely been a few times where we were very glad we did. If this sounds like you, then Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada has a post about how smart plugs could be a great safety addition to your home to prevent electrical fires caused by dangers such as these. Simply put, a smart plug is a small device which plugs into your existing electrical socket. Depending on the brand you buy, there will be a range of functions, but the primary one is on/off. Here’s how it works.

  • You plus a smart plug into your power socket.
  • You plug in that hair straightener you’ve been using.
  • Your friend knocks on the door and, before you know it, you’re in the car on your way to an event.

Did you turn the hair straightener off? Sure, you did! Or, maybe not? Is it doing nothing at home or is it heating up on your sheets, creating the potential for a fire? While you would have previously had to return home or, even worse, not realized at all, smart plugs can either show you the status of the plug from your smartphone while you are driving and, if it’s still on, allow you to turn it off remotely, but they can also send you a notification when you are a certain distance from the house with a selected plug still switched on.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

While these devices are not a replacement for staying conscious of your electrical items and dangers in your home, they can provide a complementary level of monitoring and prevention alongside you own thoughtful actions. If you are in the position where your home has sustained damage, whether it be big or small or caused from an electrical fire or water damage, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada can help. Call today at 1 702 871 8462 to find out how an experienced team of professional can recover your property quickly and safely.