How to Check for Mold When Buying a Property


Tips for Finding Mold When Buying a House

When it comes to buying a property, there is some damage which you can accept as something you can and will repair or renovate in the future and then there is mold growth and damage. Below is a post from Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada with tips to help you identify mold before you buy a new property.

Feel the Walls

As you are taking your tour of the property, firmly run your hands and fingers along the walls to feel for any soft spots. If you can feel places in the walls which you can push or which give a bit of resistance then it could indicate moisture behind the walls and, likely, mold growth. If the owner can’t explain why the wall feels the way it does, speak with Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada about a professional inspection and mold removal service before you sign the papers.

Check Your Foundations

What sort of damage can realistically happen underneath your home? After all, it’s just empty space, right? While it is predominantly empty space, many homes have wooden supports underneath the home or an added on crawl-space which likely comes into contact with the moist air, water itself, along with any other contaminants nature can throw at it. All of this is the perfect combination for mold growth which can seriously affect the quality of the property’s foundations.

Fresh Paint

There will be a number of items that you and the owner will have discussed that need repairing before the final inspection, but a fresh coat of paint isn’t likely to be one of them. While it may be a nice gesture on the seller’s behalf, it’s also a great way to cover the smell or signs of mold. If you can smell new paint and the owner seems reluctant to talk about it, consider calling in a professional for an inspection.

The Best Mold Remediation and Property Restoration in Las Vegas

When it comes to searching for mold, it’s worth putting in the time and effort and having it repaired by Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada before you sign the papers. If you spot any mold or any property damage during your final inspection, speak with Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada at 1 702 871 8462 about how their trained team can provide high-quality support and repair work before you take ownership of the property.