Keep Your Fireplace Safe This Winter


Tips to Keep Your Fireplace Safe

When it comes to staying warm during the colder months, the previous post had some great ways to keep your home safe. However, there was one item which wasn’t mentioned because it can pose a great enough danger that it deserves its own post. It’s your fireplace. While you may see it as the most romantic space in your home, it can also be the most dangerous, especially around seasons of celebration. To help you in this respect, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada has some safety tips to share.

Clean It

If you haven’t been using your fireplace for a while, the worst thing that you can do is simply load it up with wood and fire-starters and light it up! The only thing that this will accomplish is a house full of smoke. And trust us, you don’t want that! Before you even think about using your fireplace, be sure to give it a thorough clean beforehand. If you aren’t confident that you can clean it yourself, hire a professional.

Don't Decorate Your Fireplace

One of the easiest ways to start a fire in your home is to decorate your fireplace to complement the season. This includes Christmas tree decorations placed around your fireplace, right through to Christmas photos pinned around your fireplace. While it might mean that your fireplace won’t match the rest of your decorated house, it also means that you can enjoy the fireplace safely.

Never Leave a Fire Unattended

You see it in the movies all the time, where a couple will be laying on an impossibly fluffy rug while they fall asleep in front of a fireplace. And while this may look romantic on your screen, it’s important to remember two things.

  1. It’s likely the fire isn’t real.
  2. If it is real, you can bet that there is somebody watching it at all times! In fact, you can bet there is a team of people ready to leap into action at the first sign of a potential fire.

Even if you are ‘just popping down to the corner store to get some milk’, if your fireplace is going and keeping your warm, then you aren’t going to the corner store to get milk. While you may have a range of safety items protecting your fireplace, there is no excuse to leave a fire unattended.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

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