Keep Your Home Cool Without Using the A/C!


Keeping Your Home Cool Without Using Your A/C

When it comes to hot weather, turning on the air conditioning is an appealing thought. Unfortunately, it can also be an expensive one. Below are some great tips from Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada on how to keep your home cool without cranking up the AC!

Turn Your Fans off - Then in Reverse!

Have you ever wondered what that little switch on your ceiling fan is for? If you flick it to the other side, your fan blades will spin in reverse. During hot weather, this can give a nice cooling effect instead of moving stale air.

Close the Doors!

Did you know that keeping your back door open while you hang your clothes on the line can increase the temperature in your home significantly? A few minutes is all it takes for hot air to makes its way inside your cool sanctuary. Consider putting a sign on your doors to remind people to keep them closed!

Exhaust Fans

If you have bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans which connect outdoors then you have a great way to remove hot air. After you have finished cooking or finished your shower, leave your exhaust fans on for a short while to catch any lingering hot air. If you have a pedestal or portable fan, consider placing this outside your bathroom door facing in to blow the hot air into your exhaust fan.

Professional Property Restoration in Las Vegas

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