Often Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tips


Don't Forget These Spring Cleaning Tasks

If you love nothing more than organization and decluttering, then spring cleaning season is what you have been waiting for all year! As much as you could say that you are a seasoned ‘Spring Cleaner’, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada has a few often-forgotten places below for you to consider adding to your list.

Under Countertop

Clean countertops are a great item to add to your regular cleaning list, however, this really only applies to spaces such as your kitchen. When you are cleaning countertops and other areas, such as workstations or outdoor areas, be sure to clean underneath any countertops which are accessible. These spaces are often where moisture can accumulate and cause mold if left unchecked.


That’s right - lights. While they may still shine brightly, if you have never cleaned your lights before then you can be sure that they can shine brighter! Whether it’s taking a feather-duster to a chandelier or simply using a cloth to wipe a light bulb, do what needs to be done to clean your lighting.

Your Refrigerator

Last, but certainly not least, is your refrigerator. While you may clean the inside and its exterior, don’t forget to move it to clean underneath it as well as behind where it has been placed against a wall. While it may not seem like a place which becomes dirty, it can accumulate a lot of dust and again, can harbor mold growth.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

If, during your cleaning, you notice any type of mold growth or property damage, be sure to speak with a professional. Call Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada at 1 702 871 8462 to learn more about their services and to get your property back on track safely and thoroughly.