Prepare You and Your Home for a Severe Storm


How to Get Ready for a Severe Storm

If you grew up in an area which is prone to severe storms then preparing your home and family is second nature. However, for the rest of us, the obvious isn't as obvious. Below is a basic guide to get you started in preparing you and your home for a severe storm.

Start with Your Roof!

After all, it's the primary aspect of your house that is charged with protecting you and your family from the elements. Once a month, safely reach your guttering system and give it a good clean. Once it looks visually clean, run some water through it to make sure that there aren't any blockages in the pipes which you can't see.

Choose a Place

With your family, take a tour of your home and look for a room which is best suited for a severe storm. Look for aspects of a room such as reinforced or strong walls, not too large, and does not share a window with the storm just outside. For many home designs, a bathroom fits the task.

A Basic Emergency Box

Remember that you will likely have your cell phone and some cables, etc, so the below list is just for backup items to use if the event requires it. However, it's important to at least keep:

  • Two blankets
  • Some bottles of water and a small amount of food
  • A clean set of comfortable clothes of everybody's choosing (prior)
  • External battery packs for cell devices
  • A battery powered radio

During the Storm

You will likely receive a warning that the storm is coming, so take the time to complete a tour of your home where you and your family switch off and remove the plug from as many electrical sockets as possible. Once this is complete, make your way (along with your emergency box) to the designated space to safely wait out the storm.

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