Prepare Your Home for the Cold with These Tips


Take Advantage of the Weather Before It's Too Late

With summer behind us, now is the best time to start preparing your home for the generally cold fall season and the very cold winter one. Below are two tips from Thistle DKI Nevada on fall home maintenance.

Give Your Gutters a Clean

Summer isn’t known for bringing lots of rain, which leaves most homeowners to forget that they even have gutters and downpipes. Unfortunately, this leads to blockages not being cleared and, by the time the rainy weather rolls around, damage gets caused both to the guttering system and the surrounds of your home which had to take on extra water. Before the weather turns bad, safely reach your gutters and give them a thorough clean, removing any blockages and debris which has accrued. Once you are sure it’s all clear, grab your house and flush your system with water. If the water runs freely out of the downpipes and into your water intake them they’re fall-and-winter ready.

BBQ Care

There isn’t going to be much of a chance that you’ll use your BBQ over the cold period, so take the time to prepare it for storage. Instead of simply throwing a cover over it, spend some time and give it a thorough clean. This includes sweeping and washing the grill with purpose designed cleaner, along with wiping all of the grease and buildup from hoses, switches, and knobs. Once it’s all clean, be sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent corrosion and mold, then cover it with a waterproof cover. If possible, store it indoors and out of the elements, such as your shed or garage.

The Best Property Restoration in Las Vegas

If, when cleaning and preparing your home for fall and winter, you notice that your home has sustained damage, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI can help. Call today at 702 871 8462 to find out more about their high-quality restoration and mold remediation services, and book a convenient for a professional to attend and inspect your home.