Prevent Fires During Cold Weather


Keep Your Home Safe and Warm

It’s safe to say that the warm weather is well and truly behind us, with each morning feeling like it gets colder and colder. And while our first reaction is to turn on a heating appliance, it’s important that you stay safe while you stay warm. Below are some great tips from Disaster Kleene Thistle DKI Nevada to help you stay safe during the colder months.

Check Your Cords

Are using a portable heater with a frayed cord? How about a wall heater with corrosion around the plug? Either of these is a shining example of an appliance which needs your attention before you switch it on. Take a tour of your home and inspect the cords of all of your electrical items to ensure their cords are intact and are in good condition. Something as small as moisture settling into a frayed wire can cause serious electric problems.

Always Turn It Off

If you are leaving the house, turn off your wall heater. If you are going upstairs for a while, turn off the portable heater in the living room. Whenever you leave the house or even the room, it’s important that you switch off your heating appliances. Why? Because if you aren’t in the room then you aren’t able to quickly stop any fires from occurring, such as those caused when a portable heater is knocked over by a family pet or from a faulty thermostat causing your wall heater to malfunction.

Never Cover a Heating Device

There is no denying that placing your clothes on a portable heater or even a wall based oil heater is a relatively quick way to dry your items. There is also no denying that this is potentially the fastest and easiest way to cause a fire in your home. Be sure that you never cover any of your heating devices, and always ensure that there is sufficient space around them to ventilate perform their function.

Property Restoration in Las Vegas

When it comes to preventing household fires during the cold season, these are three great tips which can help. If it is too late and disaster has struck, turn to the experts at Disaster Kleene Thistle DKI Nevada to recover your property quickly and safely. Call today at 702 871 8462 to make an appointment for a qualified professional to attend your home and not only assess the damage, but provide you with information about how to best restore your property.