Protect Your Photos and Memories from Fire and Flooding


Keeping Your Memories Safe

There is one thing which a disaster recovery service can't do, and that restore photos which have been lost or damaged in a fire or flood. The best protection against this happening to you is preparation. Below is a great post from Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI Nevada on the topic.

Find and Collate

The first step to protecting your photos is to gather them and sort them into groups. This could involve taking photos from your wall, your bedside table, or any stores photos you have in the attic or the basement. Wherever your photos are, get them and bring them together. Once you have them in one place, use a pencil to write on the back when the photo was taken, and them sort them into monthly groups and then into years.

Time to Digitize

If you have an old scanner which you haven’t used in a while or you got a new one for Christmas, now is the time to put it to use. When scanning your photos, maintain a consistent file naming system, such as MONTH/DAY/YEAR, adding numeric appendages for photos taken on the same day. As you scan, save them into folders by month and then add these into yearly folders using your operating system’s file management system.

Send Them to the Cloud

Once you have them all scanned, it’s time to choose a cloud provider who can keep your memories safe and secure. When choosing your provider, consider the following:

  • How protected and safe can they keep your photos?
  • Is there a one-off fee or a recurring charge?
  • If there is no fee, how does the company benefit?
  • Once your photos are online, how can you access them?
  • Can you easily add new photos to your collection?

Once you have chosen your provider, use their software to manage and upload your photos to their servers for safe keeping.

New Photos

Of course, you will continue to take photos and want to keep them stored safely. Check if your service offers an app for your phone or your tablet which can automatically upload new photos you take when you return home and access your home’s wi-fi. This can all be done without the need for you to interact with the app, taking the hassle out of ongoing uploads.

The Best Property Restoration in Las Vegas

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