Two Last Minute Spring Cleaning Tips for Summer


Must-Do Spring Cleaning Items for Summer

Yes, you read that right! The reason for this post by Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI isn't to confuse you about the months, it's to remind you of the most common must-do spring cleaning activities that you never completed; activities that can help protect your home during Summer.

Air Conditioner Check Up

The reason why this was on your spring cleaning list was that, just like last year, when you need to call an electrician during summer, there are none to be found. Before the season gets into full swing, give your air conditioner unit any home maintenance that your owner's manual advises. Once you have finished this, give your electrician a call to arrange an appointment as early as possible. In the event that parts are needed, now is the time to order them!

Clean your Gutters!

It doesn't matter if you look up and see clean gutters; unless you are looking down at them from a ladder, you can't determine if your gutters are clean. The primary reason to clean your gutters before summer is to prevent fire. It only takes a small piece of glass or similar in your gutters to spark a fire. Safely get up there and clean them out!

Professional Property Restoration in Las Vegas

When it comes to basic protection against preventable damage to your home, these two are right up there! If it's too late and you need help now, Disaster Kleenup Thistle DKI is the place to call. Speak with a professional in the field of property restoration in Las Vegas today by calling 1 702 871 8462and get your property back on track.