1. What Are the Dangers of Mold to Pets?

    When it comes to the health of our fur children, we take it very seriously. While we know the dangers that mold poses on human health, many people do not realize the toxic effects that mold can have on our pets. While only a handful of species of mold are toxic to both people and pets, the most common type can cause serious illnesses and potentially death to people and pets. This is why it is cruc…Read More

  2. Three Harmful Mold Classifications to Keep an Eye Out For

    Mold is a living substance that is not only unsightly to look at but can also be toxic and dangerous if left untreated. Mold typically thrives in environments that are damp and dark with temperatures around 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Mold can occur just about anywhere — your home, your office, your car, and any other structure in which you and your family spend time. That is why it is vital to…Read More

  3. What to Do When You Experience a Water Leak

    When your home is faced with water damage from a water leak (or leaks), it can be easy to become overwhelmed and unsure about what steps to take. The fact of the matter is, water leaks are not uncommon, and it is one of those things that will very likely happen at least once for a homeowner or renter. It is also not uncommon for these leaks to go unseen and cause more extensive water damage. Read …Read More

  4. Common Mold Questions

    Have you ever been walking throughout your home only to notice that there are fuzzy white patches on your basement floor, black spots around the grout in your shower, or slick orange film that has formed in your kitchen drain? While these substances are unsightly and often smelly, they are much more than that — in some cases, mold in your home can make you and/or your family members sick, especi…Read More

  5. What to Do When Your House Floods

    Water damage can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a home and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. The worst part about water damage is that sometimes it is not clear what needs to be repaired. If you have a fire in your home, usually it is pretty obvious what areas have been damaged and what needs to be repaired. Flooding and water damage are much more insidious. Water…Read More

  6. Cooling Your Home This Summer

    07/04/2019 With the summer weather here, many homeowners automatically switch on the air conditioner, however, this can often come at a high price. If you automatically reach for the A/C during summer, Thistle DKI has a great post with some tips to help keep your home cool without using your air conditioner. Close Your Home The best place to start is with your curtains, shutters, blinds, etc. Wh…Read More

  7. Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

    06/04/2019 Easy Ways to Prevent Water Damage Water damage can be serious and often affect more than your home, but also your household and personal items. For this reason, it’s important for all homeowners to take steps to prevent water damage. To help you get started, Thistle DKI has some great tips to offer. Clogged Drains Nobody likes to unclog drains, however, the reality of the situation …Read More

  8. DIY Task or Professional Project?

    05/03/2019 Are You Sure Your Project Is a DIY Task? All DIY enthusiasts want to believe that they can perform any repair work around their home. However, this can often lead to safety problems and further damage. If you are looking at repair work and wondering if it’s a DIY task or you should call a professional, Thistle DKI has some questions to ask yourself. Is the Cost Saving Worth It? On t…Read More

  9. Great Items to Add to Your Spring Cleaning List

    04/05/2019 Give Your Home a Fresh Start with a Spring Clean If personal effects and junk has cluttered up your home to the point where you can’t see your surfaces any longer, then your spring clean is here to help. Below are some tips from Thistle DKI to add to your spring cleaning list to help make your clean a thorough one. Furniture Items Nobody likes moving furniture, that’s just a fact.…Read More

  10. Keeping Your Home Safe from Electrical Problems

    02/28/2019 Tips for Electrical Safety Electrical safety in and around the home is everybody’s responsibility. Failing to take proper care can lead to serious property damage. Thistle DKI  has prepared the following post with tips on how you can improve the electrical safety in your home. Extension Leads Extensions leads have to be one of the most convenient electrical accessories. These devic…Read More